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Thanks to 30 years worth of immense customer oriented experience coupled with the local and international expertise in providing integrated logistics solutions for IACC, IACC Logistics is able to provide its business partners with strategic, comprehensive and efficient logistics and freight forwarding services. IACC Logistics offers premier integrated logistics solutions thanks to its wide local and international relationships as well as tried and true experience.
IACC Logistics seeks to optimize the logistic operations of its clients, through the proVision of seamless, innovative, secure and efficient logistics and freight forwarding solutions.

IACC Logistics is dedicated to providing end to end logistics solutions that include storing, protecting, and transporting all kinds of various cargo of its clients safely and quickly, to help reduce travel time and overall costs.

IACC Logistics is fully equipped, being part of the supply chain within IACC Group, with a vast range of equipment, large network of worldwide suppliers, storage facilities and the latest transport vehicles, to best serve its clients needs at competitive rates and in the most time sensitive manner.

Additionally, IACC Logistics has the know how to adapt to changes in the local and international markets, thus ensuring both its local and international customers with integrated logistics solutions that they can count on.

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